Classical Music

A symphony evoking different flavoured chocolates, a cabaret opera based on a comic book, symphonic aerobics, a fishing story mimed by a costumed clarinetist… With his communicative musical language and the originality of his concepts, Maxime Goulet connects with audiences from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences, from youth audiences to savvy music aficionados.

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Symphonic Chocolates

Symphonic Chocolates is a soundtrack for chocolate tasting. An orchestral suite in four short movements in which each movement evokes a different flavour of chocolate. During the concert, the audience is invited to eat four small chocolates while each movement of corresponding flavour is being played.

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On Halloween Night

On Halloween Night is an orchestral suite in five short movements in which each movement evokes a fantastical creature traditionally associated with the celebration of Halloween: a witch, zombies, a werewolf, ghosts and skeletons. The work is freely inspired by children’s drawings of each creature.

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United Anthems

United Anthems is a collage (or mosaic) of very short musical excerpts from the national anthems of 35 nations across the globe. The piece celebrates diversity and world peace.

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Citius, altius, fortius!

Inspiered by the Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger), this short and energetic orchestral movement is characterized by rapid, bustling textures (citius), ascending melodic gestures (altius), and powerful, brass chords (fortius).

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A Bassoon Circus

A Bassoon Circus is a concertino for solo bassoon and orchestra staged as an instrumental theatre. Each of its seven short movements evokes a different kind of circus act, starring the soloist: The Ringmaster, The Lion Tamer, The Tightrope Walker, The Magician, The Human Cannonball, The Clown, The Strongman.

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Fishing Story

Fishing Story is a concertino solo clarinet and string orchestra staged as an instrumental theatre. The piece is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s American novel The Old Man and the Sea. Rather than a precise setting of the novel itself, it was created as a free-form sequel to the story, exploring what happens next to the kid who accompanied the old man.

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Symphonic Factory

Symphonic Factory is a one-movement Instrumental Theatre work for orchestra and students with their music teacher. The work depicts the difficult work in factories, characterized by the repetitive work of assembly lines and strikes.

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Symphonic Aerobic Dance

What is a staccato? A fortissimo? A ritardando? Learn all about the basic elements of musical language while having fun, thanks to Symphonic Aerobic Dance, a workout for orchestra and a unique learning experience!

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What a Day

What a day, a four-movement work for string orchestra, outlines the parallels between a day and a life, as if one were the microcosm of the other. The four movements are: “Joyful Morning”, “Long Day at Work”, “Tête-à-tête Evening” and “Serene Night”.

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Level Up!

Level Up! is a succession of variations based on an original theme, for keyboard soloist (playing 8-bit sounds) and string orchestra. Each variation evokes a typical video game situation (opening theme, time up jingle, boss fight, game over jingle, etc.).

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Bungalopolis is a cabaret opera based on the comic book Des tondeuses et des hommes (Of Lawnmower and Men), created by Jean-Paul Eid. The music is composed by a collective of 5 composers and is an original concept of Maxime Goulet.

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Beatles Fantasy

Beatles Fantasy is a concerto for solo violin and orchestra, in three mouvement, composed in collaboration with Eric Jones-Cadieux, based on some of the most popular songs of the musical group The Beatles.

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Symphonic Chocolates (for strings)

The suite Symphonic Chocolates is available in multiple versions, such as string quartet.

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Citius, altius, fortius! (for organ)

The Olympic ouverture Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger!) is also available as a version of solo organ.

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Complete List of Works


Version & Instrumentation


Orchestra: solo bassoon / 2221 / 2200 / 1 timp / 1 perc / strings

16 min.

Orchestra: 2222 / 2201 / 1 timp / 1 perc / strings

18 min.

Orchestra: solo violin / 2222 / 2200 / 1 timp / 1 perc / strings

22 min.

Chamber ensemble: solo violin / piano / harp (optional) / string orchestra (or string quintet)

12 min.

Soprano, tenor, bariton, bass, wind quintet and piano
Soprano, tenor, bariton, bass and piano

1 hr. 20 min.

Orchestra: solo piano / 2222 / 2200 / 1 timp / 1 perc / strings

12 min.

Full orchestra: 3333 / 4331 / 1 timp / 2 perc / 1 hrp / celesta (optional) / strings
Reduced orchestra: 2222 / 43(or 2)31 / 1 timp / 2 perc / strings
Organ solo
Brass quintet

3 min.

Clarinet solo and string orchestra
Clarinet solo, string quartet and bass and/or piano

11 min.

Electronic keyboard (or piano) and string orchestra (or string quintet)

5 min.

String quartet
Organ solo

16 min.

Symphonic orchestra: 2222 / 4231/ 1 hrp / 1 timp / 2 perc / strings
Classical orchestra: 2222 / 2200 / 1 pno / 1 timp & perc / strings

11 min.

Chamber ensemble: solo violin / piano / harp (optional) / string orchestra (or string quintet)

6 min.

Symphonic orchestra: 2222 / 4231 / 1 timp / 2 perc / strings

4 min.

Classical orchestra: 2222 / 2200 / 1 perc (optional) / strings
Chamber orchestra: 1111 / 1000 / 1 perc (optional) / strings
Wind orchestra
Wind quintet
String orchestra and piano
String orchestra
String quintet and piano
String quintet
String quartet
Two violins and piano
Solo violin and piano
Solo flute and piano
Solo clarinet and piano

12 min.

Orchestra: 33(or 2)22 / 4231 / 1 hrp / 1 timp / 2 perc / strings / students and their teacher playing percs

8 min.

Orchestra: 2222 / 2201 / 1 pno / 1 timp / 1 perc / strings

35 min.

Trio and narrator: narrator, clarinet, cello, piano
Trio (without narrator): clarinet, cello, piano
String quartet and narrator

12 min.

Symphonic orchestra: 2222 / 4231 / 1 timp / 2 perc / strings
Chamber orchestra: 1111 / 1100 / 1 timp/ 1 perc / strings

2.5 min.

Piano solo

2 min.

String orchestra

13 min.