The Amazing Spider-Man

« As mind blowing as the graphics are, the soundtracks used in this game is no exception. The Amazing Spider-Man packs quite a bit of audio content that just ensures that players gains the best experience possible for their mobile device. Even without the help of your earbuds, the speakers on your device will still give you one of the best tunes from your favorite Spider-Man game and make your action-packed experience even better! »

« There are amazing tunes and voice actors in this app game that will just immerse you into the world of Spider-Man. The music is definitely fitting and each sound effect is carefully selected to give you the best experience possible. »

« The audio is great with good music and bustling city sounds. »
Unleash The Fanboy

Trame sonore composée par Maxime Goulet

Jeu vidéo produit par Gameloft, 2012.