Symphonic Factory

“After the concert, you could easily feel the pride of the children. An extraordinary experience!”
L’école et les arts

Symphonic Factory is a one-movement Instrumental Theatre work for orchestra and students with their music teacher. The work depicts the difficult work in factories, characterized by the repetitive work of assembly lines and strikes.

Symphonic Factory is the second movement of the collective work La Symphonie d’Hochelaga. The other movements of La Symphonie d’Hochelaga are: 1800-1850 (by John Rea), …14, 29, 45… (by Maxime McKinley) and L’Ile aux mille chants (by Alejandra Odgers).

With this project, L’école et les arts (School and the Arts), the Orchestre Métropolitain and the Commission scolaire de Montréal wanted to bear witness to a facet of the Mercier-Hochelage-Maisonneuve neighbourhood’s history. Under the watchful eyes of four Montreal composers and with the participation of students, La Symphonie d’Hochelaga resonates in the city as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

Instrumentation: 2+picc.2+eh.2.2 (eh optional) / / hrp / timp+2 / strings / students and their teacher playing percs.

Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by the Orchestre métropolitain.

Premiere: May, 28th, 2017, by the Orchestre Métropolitain and conductor Dina Gilbert, at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau, in Montreal, QC, Canada.

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Performances of Symphonic Factory

2017, May 28 | Orchestre Métropolitain, Dina Gilbert | Centre Pierre Charbonneau, Montreal, QC, Canada (premiere)