A Bassoon Circus

“The work, fanciful and accessible, is very well written, filled with comic effects, and everyone has fun, including musicians.”
La Presse+, Caroline Rodgers

“An amusing work by Maxime Goulet, created by Michel Bettez and the Laval Symphony Orchestra, in which the soloist must not take himself too seriously…”
– Ludwig van Montréal, Frédéric Cardin

A Bassoon Circus is a concerto for solo bassoon and orchestra staged as a instrumental theatre. Each of its seven short movements evokes a different kind of circus act, starring the soloist.
I – The Ringmaster
II – The Lion Tamer
III – The Tightrope Walker
IV – The Magician
V – The Human Cannonball
VI – The Clown
VII – The Strongman

Instrumentation: solo bassoon / / / timp+1 / strings

Duration: 16 minutes

Commissioned by the Laval Symphony Orchestra, their artistic director Alain Trudel and the bassoonist Michel Bettez.

Dedicated to Alain Trudel and Michel Bettez.

Premiere: March 15th, 2017, by theLaval Symphony Orchestra and the conductor Alain Trudel and the bassoonist Michel Bettez, at the Salle André Mathieu, in Laval, QC, Canada.

Media Coverage of A Bassoon Circus

Interview with Maxime Goulet about A Basson Circus

Performances of A Bassoon Circus

2021, Jan. 24 [postponed] | Municipal Band of Bilbao, José Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana, Jordi Ripoll | Palacio Euskalduna, Bilbao, Spain

2020, Nov. 15 [postponed]Orchestre Colonne, Jean-Michel Ferran, Florence Hamel | Salle Wagram, Paris, France
2020, June 27 [postponed]International Double Reed Society and Michel Bettez | Voxam Hall, University of Iowa, Iowa, IA, United States
2020, Jan. 5 | Royal choir and orchestra of Zanglust Tielt, Milan Lefranc | Centre Culturel Gildhof, Tielt, Belgium
2020, Jan. 4 | Royal choir and orchestra of Zanglust Tielt, Milan Lefranc | Centre Culturel Gildhof, Tielt, Belgium

2017, March 15 | Laval Symphony Orchestra, Alain Trudel and Michel Bettez | Salle André Mathieu, Laval, QC, Canada (premiere)