A Puppet Parade

A Puppet Parade is an orchestral suite inspired by a selection of marionettes made Micheline Legendre.

I – The Master of Ceremonies: With an energetic crack of his whip, he opens the show with a flourish.
II – Wang-Fô: An old Chinese painter who radiates wisdom and serenity.
III – Harlequin and Punchinello: Two tricksters, straight out of Commedia dell’arte, who incessantly interrupt and taunt each other.
IV – Lolita: A little ballerina who evokes the beauty and magic of the circus.
V – The Wolf: A ferocious beast on the hunt.

Instrumentation: 2(1.2/fl+pic)2(1.2/ob+ehr)22 / 2201 / 1 timp / 1 perc / strings

Duration: 18 minutes

Commissioned by the Ensemble Euterpe and their artistic director Geneviève Leclair. Dedicated to Micheline Legendre.

Premiere: February 24th, 2007, by the Ensemble Euterpe and the conductor Geneviève Leclair, at the Marie-Stéphane Hall, in Montréal.

Performances of: A Puppet Parade