Symphonic Aerobic Dance

A Workout For Orchestra

Symphonic Aerobic Dance. What is a staccato? A fortissimo? A ritardando? Learn all about the basic elements of musical language while having fun, thanks to Symphonic Aerobic Dance, a workout for orchestra and a unique learning experience! A perfect piece for educational concerts! (Images of the musical symboles are available for screening during the concert.)

Symphonic Aerobic Dance is the fifth movement of the orchestral suite Dance Mix, a collective work by five composers, initiated by Maxime Goulet. The four other movement of Dance Mix are: Break-dance (Alexander Pozdnyakov), Rag for Nermal (Alan Belkin), Orb (Nicole Lizée) and Temperamental Tango (Éric Champagne).

Instrumentation: / / timp+2 / strings

Duration: 4 minutes

Commissioned by the National Academy Orchestra of Canada and their artistic director Boris Brott, as part of a composer residency, for the 25th anniversary of the Brott Music Festival. Dedicated to all the music teachears.

Premiere: Le 14 juillet, 2012, by the National Academy Orchestra of Canada and the conductor Boris Brott, during the Brott Music Festival, in Hamilton.

Other videos of Symphonic Aerobic Dance

Performance of the French version of Symphonic aerobic dance, by the Orchestre de la Virée and Adam Johnson

Performances of Symphonic Aerobic Dance

2018, Sept. 1 | Symphonie de la Virée, Adam Johnson | Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, QC, Canada

2012, July 14 | National Academy Orchestra of Canada, Boris Brott | Brott Music festival, Hamilton, ON, Canada (premiere)