Symphonic Aerobic Dance

A Workout For Orchestra

Symphonic Aerobic Dance. What is a staccato? A fortissimo? A ritardando? Learn all about the basic elements of musical language while having fun, thanks to Symphonic Aerobic Dance, a workout for orchestra and a unique learning experience! A perfect piece for educational concerts! (Images of the musical symboles are available for screening during the concert.)

Symphonic Aerobic Dance is the fifth movement of the orchestral suite Dance Mix, a collective work by five composers, initiated by Maxime Goulet. The four other movement of Dance Mix are: Break-dance (Alexander Pozdnyakov), Rag for Nermal (Alan Belkin), Orb (Nicole Lizée) and Temperamental Tango (Éric Champagne).

Instrumentation: / / timp+2 / strings

Duration: 4 minutes

Commissioned by the National Academy Orchestra of Canada and their artistic director Boris Brott, as part of a composer residency, for the 25th anniversary of the Brott Music Festival. Dedicated to all the music teachears.

Premiere: Le 14 juillet, 2012, by the National Academy Orchestra of Canada and the conductor Boris Brott, during the Brott Music Festival, in Hamilton.

Performances of Symphonic Aerobic Dance

2018, Sept. 1 | Symphonie de la Virée, Adam Johnson | Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, QC, Canada

2012, July 14 | National Academy Orchestra of Canada, Boris Brott | Brott Music festival, Hamilton, ON, Canada (premiere)